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Sabtu, 14 Februari 2009

Valentine's day

Valentine is a pastor who lived in Rome in the third century. He lives in the kingdom at that time led by the Emperor Claudius the famous cruel. He is hated Caesar, and it is not the only one. Claudius ambition have a large military forces, it is all men want to join in the kingdom.

Unfortunately this desire clap the hands. The men are reluctant to engage in war. Because they do not want to leave family and his wife. This made Claudius furious, he was immediately ordered to do his officials a mad idea.

He thinks that if men do not marry, they will be careful with join the military. Then Claudius forbade the marriage. The young couple consider the decision is not very humane. Because this is the strange idea, St. Valentine refused to implement them.

He was still carrying out its duties as a pastor, that is the couple who wed the love even in secret. This action is immediately known emperor gave him a warning, but he did not bless and keep wedding in a small chapel just be a candle light, without interest, without the wedding ballad.

Until a night, he caught a pair of wet bless. Pair it successfully flee, but he caught dismal. He encouraged to prison and convicted in the death. Not be humiliated, he even visited a lot of people who support he's action. They threw flowers and messages containing support in the prison.

One of those who believe in the love that my daughter is a prison guard. Allow the father to visit the St. Valentine in prison. Not infrequently they speak for long hours. Girls in the back that the spirit of the clergy. He agrees that the St. Valentine has been doing the right thing.

In the days when he was cut, 14 February, he self opportunity write a message to the girls for all the attention, support and assistance during in prison it. The end of that message, he wrote: "With Love from your Valentine."

Then that is the message that change everything. Now every person on February 14 in various parts of the world celebrate the day affection. Those who celebrate the day remembering St. Valentine's love as a combatant, while the emperor Claudius to
as shoo someone who seeks love.

Selasa, 27 Januari 2009

What is the meaning of Archeology?

Archeology, comes from the Greek, which means archaeo "kuna" and logos, "knowledge". Name alternative archaeological science is the history of cultural material. Archeology is the science of learning culture (men) the past through a systematic study of data on the material left behind. Systematic study include the findings, the documentation, analysis, and interpretation of data such as artefacts (cultural material, such as a stone ax and temple building) and ekofak (of the environment, such as rock, earth, form, and fossil). Engineering research is a typical process (ekskavasi) arkeologis, although the survey also get a large portion.

Goal various archaeological and became a long debate. Of them is called the paradigm of archaeological, historical culture that is set up, understand human behavior, and understand the process of cultural change. Because the aim to understand the human culture, the science of this to include in the science group Humanism. However, there are many that are used for science, among others, history, anthropology, geology (with knowledge about the earth, forming a layer of reference to be a relative age of the findings arkeologis), geography, architecture, paleoantropologi and bioantropologi, physics (with, among other carbon-c 14 to get the absolute pertanggalan), science, metallurgy (to get the elements of a metallic object), and philology (learn old script).

Archeology at the present merangkumi various related fields. For example, the discovery of the corpses buried will attract experts from various fields to examine the clothes and the type of material used, the form of ceramics and how the distribution, through the trust that is buried with the dead bodies, chemical specialists capable of determining the age, such as how to cut through the method of measurement carbon 14. Meanwhile, genetic specialists who want to move the ancient human migration, examining DNA.

In particular, the archaeological study cultural past, is old age, both in the prehistoric period (before known any posts), and the history (when there is evidence in writing). On development, archaeological culture can also learn of the present, as dipopulerkan in the study of modern material culture (modern material culture).

Because it depends on the survival of things past, the preservation of archaeological crave objects as data sources. Therefore, developed and discipline others, namely the management of archaeological resources (Archaeological Resources Management), or is more extensive cultural resource management (CRM, Culture Resources Management).

From: Wikipedia

Minggu, 25 Januari 2009



Antropologi berasal dari kata Yunani άνθρωπος (baca: anthropos) yang berarti "manusia" atau "orang", dan logos yang berarti ilmu. Antropologi mempelajari manusia sebagai makhluk biologis sekaligus makhluk sosial.

Antropologi memiliki dua sisi holistik dimana meneliti manusia pada tiap waktu dan tiap dimensi kemanusiannya. Arus utama inilah yang secara tradisional memisahkan antropologi dari disiplin ilmu kemanusiaan lainnya yang menekankan pada perbandingan/ perbedaan budaya antar manusia. Walaupun begitu sisi ini banyak diperdebatkan dan menjadi kontroversi sehingga metode antropologi sekarang seringkali dilakukan pada pemusatan penelitan pada pendudukyang merupakan masyarakat tunggal.

Para ahli mendefinisikan antropologi sebagai berikut:

Antropologi adalah studi tentang umat manusia, berusaha menyusun generalisasi yang bermanfaat tentang manusia dan perilakunya serta untuk memperoleh pengertian yang lengkap tentang keanekaragaman manusia.
Antropologi adalah ilmu yang lahir dari keingintahuan yang tidak terbatas tentang umat manusia.
Antropologi adalah ilmu yang mempelajari umat manusia pada umumnya dengan mempelajari aneka warna, bentuk fisik masyarakat serta kebudayaan yang dihasilkan.

Dari definisi tersebut, dapat disusun pengertian sederhana antropologi, yaitu sebuah ilmu yang mempelajari manusia dari segi keanekaragaman fisik serta kebudayaan (cara-cara berprilaku, tradisi-tradisi, nilai-nilai) yang dihasilkan sehingga setiap manusia yang satu dengan yang lainnya berbeda-beda.

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